Talking about HIV is important. Talking connects people and stops them feeling isolated. You may have people in your support group who haven’t told anyone else that they are HIV positive. The group participants may be the only people that know and the group will reassure them that they are not on their own.  

Conversations are about participation: we learn more when we participate and talk about something, rather than just listening to others. You will use your communication skills to encourage dialogue and get people talking.  

Starting a conversation is a skill that you as a Khuluma mentor have and can use to help others. There are different ways to get people talking. You could ask people a question and ask them to answer:

Example SMS:

Have you ever talked about HIV with your teachers?  What did they say?

Sometimes we don’t want to talk about HIV and want to think about something else!  What is your favourite thing to khuluma with your friends about?

Taking ARV’s every day for the rest of our lives can be tiring and sometimes we can forget.  What do you do to help you remember to take your pills?
Or you could give people a statement with different options and ask them to choose which one they think is correct:

If you and your partner are both HIV positive you should use condoms: 1. Never: we don’t need to 2. Sometimes: when I don’t want another baby 3. Always

You would then need to SMS the group the correct answer once people have replied.