You will be able to decide with your group which language to communicate in. Everybody in the group must be able to understand the messages, so make sure that everyone gives their opinion. Some groups may choose English, others may prefer Zulu or Sotho.  

After a few messages, you can ask everyone to reply and say whether or not they are happy with the choice of language and if there are any problems. You can change the language of the messages as long as everyone agrees.

Remember that an SMS can only have 160 characters, so if you are translating from English into Zulu you will be able to say less because Zulu words are much longer!

When writing messages we often use short words or abbreviations. These are fine to use as long as everyone agrees and understands what they mean. Here are some examples:

gm – good morning
how r u – how are you?
lol – laughing out loud