Some people like to receive a lot of SMSs, others don’t! We need to try to keep all the participants in your group happy. One message a day may be too much. Other projects in South Africa have found that one SMS a week is enough. Think about how often you like to receive SMS. How do you feel when you get a message? How do you want people to feel when you communicate with them?

Think about the time that you send your messages. If you send them too early in the morning or too late at night people may be sleeping and not read what you send to them. Others might not to be disturbed when they’re watching their favourite soapie. Young people may be at school and not have their phones with them during the day so you would need to message them in the early morning and the evening to have the most impact.  

Ask your group what works for them. Ask them for feedback after a few weeks to see if you need to change the time of the messages.