Young, HIV positive participants in your groups might not want to talk about HIV all the time! Whilst being HIV positive as an adolescent is incredibly challenging and something which is difficult for a lot of young people to cope with, young people living with HIV are also going through other challenges related to being an adolescent that are not necessarily linked to their HIV status.

Even though you can’t help them with all of their problems, you can give them information of other organisations that might be able to. You could also send out general messages that aren’t about HIV to encourage young people to talk to each other and get to know each other more.

Example SMS:

What do you plan on doing when you leave school? What support do you need to reach your goal?

Have you thought about volunteering in your community? It’s a good way of meeting people and improving your CV!

Do you have an ID book? It is a very important document. You will need it to open a bank account, get a job and study. Ask at your local home affairs office.

Need help writing your CV? Ask at school or go to your local loveLife centre for IT skills classes.

There will be an election in 2014. If you are 18 you can vote, but you will need an ID book to register.  Ask at your local home affairs office.