This section tells you about PMTCT and will help you write messages to your group and answer any questions that they might have. Most of this information is relevant for pregnant women and new mothers, but people in your other support groups might have questions about it too.

You may have heard the term PMTCT if you have had a baby, or if one of your friends or someone in your family is pregnant. PMTCT stands for ‘Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission’ and is a way of stopping an HIV positive mother transmitting HIV to her unborn child. 

Participants in your support group who are HIV positive and pregnant will have been given information on PMTCT by trained medical staff, so you do not need to give them information about their treatment. Remember that not everyone will be on the same treatment, so they won’t all need the same advice or information. Your role as a Khuluma mentor is to give your participants support and motivational messages rather than to give people information about their ARV’s.

You can help women to remember to take their medication everyday, offer them support when they are feeling tired or upset and remind them that if they take their medication as prescribed they and their baby will be healthy.