Knowing what to ask a healthcare provider – a doctor, nurse or counsellor – is important. Asking the right questions means getting the correct information. Going to the clinic or hospital can be difficult: they can be very busy and the staff don’t always seem to have enough time. Using these tips might help you and people in your support groups to have a good experience at the clinic:
 Ask to see the same person every time if possible.

 Learn the names of your healthcare workers.

 Make sure your healthcare workers know your name.

 Ask for a viral load test every 6 months – this is very important!

 If you have a blood test, ask what it is for.

 If you have had a blood test, ask for your results – it is your right to know them!

 See if any of your friends or anyone else in your support group goes to the same clinic as you: you could try and go on the same day so you have someone to talk to while you’re waiting.

Example SMS:

What happened last time you went to the clinic? Tell us your good or bad experiences. 

Do you have any tips to help people talk to clinic staff? Khuluma with us and tell us what you do to improve communication between you and your clinic!

Is there a clinic or hospital where you have received good service? Share the name of your clinic and healthcare worker so that others can benefit!

Clinic staff can use lots of complicated wordsif you don’t understand what they are saying, ask! Understanding your treatment will help you stay healthy.

You can go to the clinic if you are worried about something even if you don’t have an appointment.  You could even go with a friend for support.