There might be some new words and phrases that you are hearing for the first time which will be used a lot in Khuluma. So that everyone understands these words in the same way, we have made a list of them for you to look at. You may be very familiar with some of these words, but there may be others that you haven’t heard of before. This will help you explain things to other people too. Please let us know if there are any other important words you think we should add – these can be in other languages too!

ARVs or ART treatment which is taken daily when someone is HIV positive. This is not a cure, or prevention for HIV.

Disclosure telling someone else about your HIV status

Mentor this is you!  As a mentor, you are responsible for your support group(s). You can find more information about being a mentor in the App.

Participant the people in your support groups are called participants.  

PMTCT Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission. Women can prevent their unborn child from contracting HIV by ensuring that they take ARV treatment correctly.